v1.55 Just Released!

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Strength Mark - Salt River Software, LLC

StrengthMark 1.55 is available now. This latest version has support for reviewing exercise history, improved look and feel with calendar views, iOS 10 compatibility, and create exercise shortcuts.

1.55 Release Notes

UI Enhancements

  • View log history for any single exercise.
  • Improved calendar view of exercise session information for easier workout review.
  • Added barbell info to the plate calculator view for clearer usage.
  • Added shortcut to create an exercise from the search results view to make it easier to create new custom exercises.
  • Added better support for supersets in sets export.
  • Made it easier to identify which dates have workout log information on the calendar.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue with search bar not clearing after choosing an exercise for a new set.
  • Better support for iOS 10.
  • Superset cell separator appearing in the wrong place intermittently after duplicate

From 1.50

UI Enhancements

  • Added Personal Record History.
  • Support for Supersets.
  • Support for Cut, Copy, Paste, and Delete Multiple Sets.
  • Press and hold to drag sets for easier reorganization.
  • More fields on session view, such as percent max and max effort, for easier to understand training plans.

If you have suggestions for features or fixes for the next update, please send them to support@strengthmark.com. Visit strengthmark.com for more info.

Thanks for your support. Please tell your friends about StrengthMark!

Web Update

Please check out the new strengthmark.com design! This design makes it easier to navigate and lays the foundation for some exciting new features to come. Look for those within the next year. The old site design is here to stay, but has been moved to blog.strengthmark.com to better reflect its purpose.

There is also a StrengthMark iOS app update packed full of improvements, smart new features, and user requests in the works, so stay tuned!

1.47 Now Available!

Strength Mark - Salt River Software, LLC

StrengthMark 1.47 is available for download.

This update has support for exporting data to file, copying and pasting workout sessions, and a number of bug fixes.

If you have suggestions for features or fixes in v1.50, please send them to support@strengthmark.com.

Thanks for your continued support. Please tell your friends about StrengthMark.

v1.46 Now Available!

StrengthMark 1.46 is now available for download. It has native screen support for iPhone 6 and 6 Plus as well as a number of bug fixes, including one where scheduling a template can cause the app to crash.

This is in preparation for v1.50 which will have some exciting new features. Stay tuned for more information.

If you have suggestions for features or fixes in v1.50, please send them to support@strengthmark.com.

Thanks for your continued support. Please tell your friends about StrengthMark.

v1.45 Now Available!


What’s new in 1.45

Strength Mark - Salt River Software, LLC

This update is compatible with iOS 8 with continued support for iOS 7. If you are on iOS 8, this update has many compatibility fixes that affect your experience. Stay tuned for the next big update later this year.

Here are the details on the changes that posted with the app update:

  • Support for iOS 8
  • You now have the ability to edit exercises
  • Performance improvements and usability enhancements
  • Bug fixes

Happy lifting!

-Steve Reinert

How to Set Up 5/3/1 in StrengthMark

I was asked by a StrengthMark user to put together a tutorial for how best to use StrengthMark on a 5/3/1 program.

If you’re not familiar with 5/3/1, it is a popular percentage-based strength training method centered around four compound lifts. A compound lift or exercise is one that involves more than one joint and muscle group.

The first 5/3/1 book is here. This training method has benefits for any athletes who need to get stronger, but has a lot of direct carryover to powerlifting. There is a 5/3/1 series of books by the creator of the program, Jim Wendler, and they’re well worth reading.


This is the general plan I would use for 5/3/1. I’ll go into detail on each step in the remainder of the article.

  1. Set up your one rep max for each lift in the program (e.g. squat, deadlift, bench, and overhead or military press).

  2. Program the first week of your chosen 5/3/1 assistance program.

  3. Create a template based on the week you programmed.

  4. Follow the first week in the gym, making adjustments as necessary.

  5. Schedule your first week, which will be used as the basis for the second week. Make adjustments so that it follows the program.

  6. Repeat steps 4 through 6 for the 5/3/1 week and the deload week.

  7. Use these templates for your next cycle.

Step 1: Set up your one rep max for each lift.

The four primary lifts in 5/3/1 are the military press, squat, bench press, and deadlift. For each of these, set up a one rep max. If you also want to target other compound lifts, such as the log press, then add them, too.

Step 2: Program the first week.

Following the basic 5/3/1 outline, you have a week of 5 rep work sets (65%, 75%, and 85% loads), one of 3 reps (70%, 80%, and 90%), a week of 5/3/1 reps (75%, 85%, and 90%), and finally a Deload week.

If you program just the first week of 5 rep work sets and then create a template based on that, it will be easy to program the remaining weeks.

Working Sets

Enter your first working set of deadlifts with 5 reps at 65%. Then hit the repeat button twice to set up the next two sets. At this point you’ll have three sets of 5 reps at 65%. Change the percentage on the last two sets to 75% and 85% respectively.

On the third work set, set the “Max Effort” switch to on. Max Effort in 5/3/1 serves two purposes:

  • Indicates to you that you need to hit as many reps as you can, falling short of failure.

  • When the set is done, it will be added to the pool of potential PRs for populating the Personal Records tab.

Now program your accessory work for your chosen 5/3/1 assistance program.

Step 3: Create a one week template.

  1. Tap the Templates tab, then tap the plus button to add a template.
  2. Enter the title, “5/3/1 5’s week.”
  3. [Optional] Set the description to “5@60%, 5@70%, and 5@80%.” Add any descriptive information about your assistance program.
  4. Tap the sessions row to pull up the calendar.
  5. Navigate to the first week in your program and change the start and stop dates so that the week is highlighted in green.
  6. Tap the back button to return to the template screen.
  7. Tap save to create the template.

Step 4: Follow the first week in the gym.

Take notes on thoughts you have about specific sets as actual notes and mark the sets as complete as you go.

Step 5: Schedule the first week template as the basis for your second week.

Leave the max values as they are for this cycle.

For the work sets, change the reps and percentages to 3@70%, 3@80%, and 3@90%. Make any prescribed changes to the assistance work. For the assistance work, if you want to make changes to the weight, here’s a good way to do that:

  • Make the weight change to the first set of the assistance exercise.
  • Delete the remaining sets for that exercise.
  • Repeat the first set to replace the deleted sets.

Repeat steps 3 through 5 for the remaining weeks. That is:

  • Create a template based on week 2
  • Perform the exercises for week 2 in the gym
  • Schedule week 2 as the basis for the 5/3/1 week (third week)
  • Adjust week 3’s working sets
  • Create a template based on week 3
  • Perform the exercises for week 3 in the gym
  • Schedule week 3 as the basis for the deload week
  • Adjust the deload week’s working sets

Step 7: Your next cycle.

When you reach the end of the first four week cycle, schedule the first week template again to start the next cycle. This time, you will adjust the one rep maxes according to the program so that you’re moving up in weight. That is, add a new working max for each lift. For instance, for deadlifts and squats you might add 10 pounds to your previous max, and bench press and overhead press, add 5 pounds. The next week you schedule will use these and scale correctly.

v1.45 Coming Next Week

There are some new issues after updating to iOS 8 in StrengthMark v1.4. StrengthMark v1.45 is currently wrapping up for iOS 8 support. It will be available in the store next week at the very latest. This next update will continue to support iOS 7+.

Please send an email to support@strengthmark.com with any urgent issues or concerns.

Thanks for your support.

Version 1.4 Now Available


What’s new in 1.4

Strength Mark - Salt River Software, LLC

There are a lot of exciting new features and changes in this update. As a StrengthMark user who’s in the gym four times a week, this version represents the changes I’ve made over the last several months to make this app easier and more natural to use. This includes things like a rep selection shortcut view, better access to the percent max, and the one rep max history.

For those of you who are you upgrading from previous versions, the one rep max history has been estimated for any exercises that already have a one rep max value. If anything looks wrong, feel free to delete or change any of these values. Its purpose is to get a picture of how your one rep max is changing over time for a specific exercise.

This version has a number of changes that some of the long-time StrengthMark users have requested, such as better support for long exercise names and notes on the log view.

There’s a new icon! I’m pretty excited about it. This was done by Skorned Weazel. This graphic designer is an accomplished Olympic lifter aside from having a talent for design. Contact him on his page if you would like to commission logos, icons, t-shirt designs, or other design work.

Here are the details on the changes that posted with the app update:

  • New one rep max history
  • New rep PR alerts
  • New exercises for strongman and powerlifting
  • Set entry is easier to use
  • Performance improvements and usability enhancements
  • Bug fixes

Happy lifting!

-Steve Reinert

How to Test and Warm Up for a One Rep Max

Your one rep max is the most weight you can move for one rep.  You need to know your one rep max if your training uses percentage progressions.  Plugging in your one rep max for each exercise you’ve tested is a good way to get the most out of StrengthMark.  This is because there are many features geared for percentage-based strength training.

For instance, say you’re using a deadlift template with these percentages: 5 reps at 40%, 50%, 60%, then 3 reps at 70%, 80%, and 90%.  If your deadlift is 400 lbs, this works out to 5 reps at 160, 200, 240 lbs and 3 reps at 280, 320, and 360 lbs.  You use this template for one session, but then you increase your deadlift max for the next session.  The next time you schedule this deadlift template, your workout will scale to your new deadlift max.  An increase of 20 lbs would give approximately: 5 reps at 165, 210, 250 lbs and 3 reps at 295, 335, 375 lbs.

This is a good article with guidelines on how to warm up and test your one rep max for the powerlifting big three.  Don’t miss the tips at the end.