Version 1.4 Now Available


What’s new in 1.4

Strength Mark - Salt River Software, LLC

There are a lot of exciting new features and changes in this update. As a StrengthMark user who’s in the gym four times a week, this version represents the changes I’ve made over the last several months to make this app easier and more natural to use. This includes things like a rep selection shortcut view, better access to the percent max, and the one rep max history.

For those of you who are you upgrading from previous versions, the one rep max history has been estimated for any exercises that already have a one rep max value. If anything looks wrong, feel free to delete or change any of these values. Its purpose is to get a picture of how your one rep max is changing over time for a specific exercise.

This version has a number of changes that some of the long-time StrengthMark users have requested, such as better support for long exercise names and notes on the log view.

There’s a new icon! I’m pretty excited about it. This was done by Skorned Weazel. This graphic designer is an accomplished Olympic lifter aside from having a talent for design. Contact him on his page if you would like to commission logos, icons, t-shirt designs, or other design work.

Here are the details on the changes that posted with the app update:

  • New one rep max history
  • New rep PR alerts
  • New exercises for strongman and powerlifting
  • Set entry is easier to use
  • Performance improvements and usability enhancements
  • Bug fixes

Happy lifting!

-Steve Reinert

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