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Version 1.3.1 now available


What’s New in Version 1.3.1

  • Added more values to the percent shortcuts selections to work over max
  • Bug fix: Adjust maxes navigation issue fixed
  • Bug fix: Schedule template not obeying training max percentage
  • Other bug fixes

Strength Mark - Salt River Software, LLC

Version 1.3 Now Available


New Icon


What’s new in 1.3

  • Updated look and feel for iOS 7
  • New stopwatch UI and one rep max calculator
  • Filter exercises between built-in and user created
  • Usability improvements for set entry
  • Templates user interface improvements
  • Bug fixes including:
    • Workouts not refreshing when scheduled
    • Templates not persisting after creating them in some cases
    • Others

Strength Mark - Salt River Software, LLC

New Version Designed for iOS 7 Coming Soon

The next version of Strength Mark has a new look to fit with the modern feel of iOS 7 along with other improvements and features that made the cut. It should be available in the store in December 2013. I take all the feedback in the app store seriously and am working to integrate some of those suggestions and complaints in the app. If anyone has any features they wish would be in the app, please leave a comment here, send an email to, or write a review in the app store.

For those of you who are still using iOS 6, you can still download version 1.2.1 for as long as you want from the store.

Happy training!

-Steve Reinert
Founder/App Developer
Salt River Software, LLC

505 lb Deadlift Personal Record

As the creator of Strength Mark, it’s probably no surprise that I use the Strength Mark app in my own training. I have been using Strength Mark to calculate and track my deadlift weights for a progression-based scheme, which helped me achieve my personal record (PR) of 505 lbs on deadlift. That’s 40 lbs over my previous record. What can Strength Mark do for you?

Version 1.2 Now Available

Strength Mark 1.2 was released in the app store today. Here’s what’s new:

New features

  • An improved template management interface. It’s easier to create a template and to browse the contents of existing templates.
  • A new notes indicator to show which sets have notes attached to them. Read what you wanted to try for next time.

Bugs fixed and performance improvements

  • Removing an exercise that was part of a template caused issues.
  • Faster presentation times for multiple interfaces.
  • Scheduling a template didn’t clear out status flags and didn’t preserve some weight values.
  • Other minor bug fixes.

Strength Mark - Salt River Software, LLC

Version 1.1 Now Available

Strength Mark 1.1 was released in the app store today.  Here’s what is new in this version:

New features

  • The ability to add custom exercises.  Now you can add your own exercises for better workout flexibility.
  • An improved exercise search experience.  Find the exercises you’re looking for when you’re creating a workout more quickly.
  • A link in the app to the help guide on this page.

Bugs fixed

  • Intermittent keyboard issues on the weights detail page.
  • Slow degradation of performance on workout view after multiple uses.
  • Training percent max update on one rep max view.
  • Other minor bugs.

Strength Mark - Salt River Software, LLC

Version 1 Available

Strength Mark is now available for free for the iPhone.  This app is to help people plan their workouts.  It’s a must for anyone who has strength and conditioning goals.

Strength Mark - Salt River Software, LLC